November 18, 2022 daryl bauer

This past week has been the main rifle deer season in Nebraska.  If you are an outdoors-person, you would be living under a rock not to know that.  Social media has been full of photos, some of some really nice deer.  I have heard some good stories too.


Seriously, it is good knowing that a lot of folks have been in the field making a lot of memories this past week!

In the past I have commemorated the deer season by sharing a song in my Friday blog post.  Who could forget the all-time favorite, Turdy-Point Buck?

This year I have a much more serious song to share; one that might even bring a tear to your eye:

If that gets stuck in your head while you are on stand, sorry.

Good luck on this last weekend.  Be safe, know what is behind your target, and shoot straight!

Found this picture on the interwebs someplace. Where? I do not remember. Sorry.

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