Access Improvement

February 5, 2024 daryl bauer

Have been doing a number of projects on Interstate lakes to improve shoreline access.  Here is the latest:

Tree removal begins Feb. 6 at Hershey WMA

A tree-removal project at Hershey Wildlife Management Area, which will boost angler bank access and improve access for controlling invasive and noxious weeds, will begin Feb. 6.

This project in Lincoln County will open the lake’s shoreline by mulching eastern redcedars, Russian olives, honey locust, and Siberian elm trees.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, for public safety, may need to close access to the WMA for periods during this project, which is expected to last about a month.

By the way, the Interstate lakes have long been a favorite of mine.  Have dried off a lot of fish, and big fish, from those waters!


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