2016 Family Fishing Events

May 31, 2016 daryl bauer

I taught a “basic fishing” class last Thursday evening.  That class was planned to be in a classroom and I am afraid the participants had to listen to me ramble about fishing for a couple of hours.  I hope I did not bore them to tears.  One thing I mentioned to them that I want to “hit” again today is our Family Fishing events.  Yes, some of these events have already been held this late spring/early summer, but there is a full schedule yet to come.  These events are “hands on”, informal, non-intimidating, and just plain FUN!  You might learn a thing or two sitting in a classroom listening to someone talk fishing, but it is a lot better if you can be on the water actually doing it!  Grab the kids, bring all the family; we have the bait, tackle, expertise, and have a great time.  Come join us!

Here is the schedule for the Lincoln and Omaha area:


And here are the rest:


I know one event last week was cancelled due to storms.  Get the latest updates, see what has been happening, and what fish have been caught, on the Family Fishing FaceBook Page.


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