Post Season Fun

February 9, 2018 Aaron Hershberger

Who says there isn’t anything to do in the off-season? Of course you can work on tree-stands, buy some gear and explore new ground.  What about placing some trail cameras out to see what you can catch on film or video while you’re sitting in the office?

Trail cameras can be a prized possession and useful tool for hunters. They keep track of deer, turkey and other critters that roam your hunting grounds throughout the seasons. I found a few trail cams that broadcast a live feed 24/7. It’s fun to tune in and see if anything wanders in. Similar to hunting you never know what you are going to get when and how long you watch.

For those that are looking for more guaranteed excitement the live feed highlight reels provide some good entertainment as well. Would you ever post your trail cam shots for all to see?

Brynn Stewart, Outdoor Education Assistant

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