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60 APPENDIX F. PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS DERIVED FROM COMMISSION-FUNDED PHEASANT RESEARCH Below is a listing of recent peer-reviewed publications resulting from pheasant research projects funded by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln� Fontaine, J�J�, C�F� Jorgensen, E�F� Stuber, A�A� Bishop, J�J�, Lusk, E� Zach and K�L� Decker� 2017� Species distributions models in wildlife planning: Agricultural policy and wildlife management in the Great Plains� Wildlife Society Bulletin� 41:194-204� Fontaine, J�J�, A�D� Fedele, L�S� Wszola, L�N� Messinger, C�J� Chizinski, J�L� Lusk, K�L� Decker, J�S� Taylor, and E�F� Stuber� 2019� Hunters and their perceptions of public access: A view from afield� Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 10:589-601� Gruber, L�F�, E�F� Stuber, L�S� Wszola and J�J� Fontaine� 2019� Estimating use of public lands: Integrated model of open populations with convolution likelihood ecological abundance regression� Bayesian Analysis 14:1-27� Jorgensen, Christopher F�, L�A� Powell, J�J� Lusk, A�A� Bishop, and J�J� Fontaine� 2014� Assessing landscape constraints on species abundance: does the neighborhood limit species response to local habitat conservation programs? PLoS ONE 9:E99339� Laskowski, J�, G�C� Bachman, and J�J� Fontaine� 2017� Severe drought impacts female pheasant physiology in southwest Nebraska� Prairie Naturalist 49:57-65� Messinger, L�N�, E�F� Stuber, C�J� Chizinski and J�J� Fontaine� 2019� Mortality, perception, and scale: Understanding how predation shapes space use in a wild prey population� Plos One 14:e0222272� Simonsen, V�L� and J�J� Fontaine� 2016� Landscape context influences next survival in Midwest grassland� The Journal of Wildlife Management 80:877-883� Stuber, E�F� and J�J� Fontaine� 2019� How characteristic is the species characteristic selection scale? Global Ecology and Biogeography 28:1839-1854� Vasquez-Miranda, H�, M�J� Olson, and R�M� Zink� 2020� Evolutionary origin and genetic diversity of ring-necked pheasants in the upper midwest United States� Wildlife Society Bulletin 44(2):246-251� Wszola, L�S�, V�L� Simonsen, L� Corral, C�J� Chizinski, and J�J� Fontaine� 2019� Simulating detection-censored movement records for home range analysis planning� Ecological Modelling 392:268-278� Wszola, L�S�, E�F� Stuber, C�J� Chizinski, J�J� Lusk, and J�J� Fontaine� 2019� Prey availability and accessibility drive hunter movement� Wildlife Biology 2019:wlb�00526� Wszola, L�S�, A�L� Madsen, E�F� Stuber, C�J� Chizinski, J�J� Lusk, J�S� Taylor, K�L� Pope, and J�J� Fontaine� 2020� Public access for pheasant hunters: Understanding an emerging need� Journal of Wildlife Management 84:45-55� Wszola, L�S�, L�N� Messinger, L�F� Gruber, E�F� Stuber, C�J� Chizinski, and J�J� Fontaine� 2020� Use and expenditures on public access hunting lands� Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 29:100256 Wszola, L�, V� Simonsen, C� Gillespie, L�N� Messinger, J�J� Lusk, K�L� Decker, C�F� Jorgensen, E�F� Stuber, A�A� Bishop, and J�J� Fontaine� 2017� Translating statistical wildlife-habitat models to interactive decision support tools� Plos One 12:e0188244�

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