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38 CENTRAL PHEASANT OPPORTUNITY AREA (CPOA) Berggren Plan 1�0 Accomplishments within the CPOA (2016-2020): • Completed 286 habitat improvement projects with private landowners, positively impacting more than 12,000 acres • Enrolled 5,510 additional acres of upland habitat (net gain) into the OFW Program (152% increase) • Roughly 10% of existing CRP acres within the CPOA are currently open to public access through OFW • New partnership with Lower Loup NRD provides increased annual payment rates to private landowners enrolling in OFW Primary Objectives for Berggren Plan 2�0 (2022-2026): • Incentivize CRP enrollments and high-quality habitat upgrades on existing CRP stands to increase habitat base in the Central POA • Increase public hunting opportunities on private lands through OFW, in partnership with Lower Loup NRD • Incentivize grass establishment (and public access) on dryland pivot corners occurring in two priority areas in Custer County through continuous CRP, Corners for Wildlife, or other available programs, in partnership with the One Box Foundation Table A6� Habitat and Access Goals (2022-2026) for the Central Pheasant Opportunity Area (CPOA) Practice 5-year Goals (Acres) Annual Goals (Acres) New CRP a 7,500 1,500 CRP Re-Enrollment b 5,595 1,119 CRP Mid-Contract Management c 1,454�5 290�9 Tree Removal 2,500 500 Prescribed Fire 10,000 2,000 Grass Establishment on Pivot Corners d 1,282�1 256�4 Total Habitat 28,331�6 5,666�3 a Represents 79.5% increase compared to current (2020) CRP enrollment (9,430 ac) b Represents 100% retention of general/continuous CRP acres scheduled to expire from 2021-2025 c Represents 50% of total CRP acres due for Mid-Contract Management from 2021-2025 (2,909 ac) d Represents 20% of available dryland pivot corner acres within two focal areas in Custer Co. (currently 1.9% enrolled in CRP or Corners for Wildlife) Practice Available CRP (Acres) CRP Acres Enrolled in OFW (2020-21) 5-year Goal (Acres) Public Access (CRP) 9,430 950�1 (10�1%) 40% of available e e Represents a "moving goal" based on available general/continuous CRP acreage

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