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35 SOUTH-CENTRAL FOCUS ON PHEASANTS (SCFOP) Berggren Plan 1�0 Accomplishments within the SCFOP (2016-2020): • Completed 357 habitat improvement projects with private landowners, positively impacting more than 25,000 acres • Enrolled 4,659 additional acres of upland habitat (net gain) into the OFW Program (31% increase) • Enrolled more than 3,500 acres of tall wheat and milo stubble into OFW annually during past two seasons • Nearly 25% of existing CRP acres within the SCFOP are currently open to public access through OFW Primary Objectives for Berggren Plan 2�0 (2022-2026): • Incentivize CRP enrollments and high-quality habitat upgrades on existing CRP stands • Seek opportunities to create or improve pheasant habitat on private lands using other USDA Farm Bill Conservation Programs (e�g�, Cropland Cover RCPP) to expand on the existing habitat base • Increase public hunting opportunities on private lands through OFW, especially in areas with mixed-bag opportunities and/or where access is more limited (e�g�, Franklin, Webster and Gosper counties) • Focus habitat improvement efforts on unfarmed draws/pockets and continue to partner with the U�S� Army Corps of Engineers to improve pheasant habitat on federal lands surrounding Harlan County Lake Table A3� Habitat and Access Goals (2022-2026) for the South-Central Focus on Pheasants (SCFOP) Area Practice 5-year Goals (Acres) Annual Goals (Acres) New CRP a 5,000 1,000 CRP Re-Enrollment b 11,520 2,304 CRP Mid-Contract Management c 8,563�5 1,712�7 Early Successional Habitat Management 500 100 Tree Removal/Edge-Feathering 2,500 500 Prescribed Fire 2,500 500 Short-Term Set-Aside 1,000 200 Shrub Plantings (non-CRP) n=125 n=25 Total Habitat 31,583�5 6,316�7 a Represents 15.5% increase compared to current (2020) CRP enrollment (32,306 ac) b Represents 100% retention of general/continuous CRP acres scheduled to expire from 2021-2025 c Represents 50% of total CRP acres due for Mid-Contract Management from 2021-2025 (17,127 ac) Practice Available CRP (Acres) CRP Acres Enrolled in OFW (2020-21) 5-year Goal (Acres) Public Access (CRP) d 32,306 7,790�8 (24�1%) 30% of available d Public Access (Stubble) e 4,000 e d Represents a "moving goal" based on available general/continuous CRP acreage e Represents a 8.3% increase compared to current (2020-21) enrollment in OFW (3,695.2 ac)

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