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  • Fish Flop Friday

    Fish Flop Friday

    Proper fish handling is a topic I blog about frequently.  With the significance of catch & release in all fishing now, handling fish so they have the maximum chance of survival is imperative. The...

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  • Animals Breaking Wind

    Animals Breaking Wind

    Flatulence encompasses a broad spectrum of biological processes among animals. By Monica Macoubrie, Wildlife Education Specialist If you’re reading this article, you owe a debt of gratitude to my...

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  • Sturgeon, You Gotta Know!

    Sturgeon, You Gotta Know!

    Have to return to a topic I have blogged about before.  From what I have seen and heard over the past few days, there is no doubt that there are a bunch of anglers who need to know some sturgeon...

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  • Courting Bluegills

    Courting Bluegills

    A first-hand account of this rare spectacle Story and photos by Eric Fowler If you’ve spent much time fishing, chances are you’ve seen a male bluegill guarding its spawning bed, a bowl-shaped...

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  • Community Fishing Events, 2024

    Community Fishing Events, 2024

    Time to publicize the full list of Community Fishing Events for this summer! Family fun returns with 2024 Community Fishing Events Join the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for another spring...

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  • Stay Safe Playing Near Water

    Stay Safe Playing Near Water

    Many summer fun activities in Nebraska involve being in or around water. Remember these tips to make sure everyone comes home safe at the end of the day. By Julie Geiser For Swimmers • Only swim...

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  • Avoiding the Crowds When Going Camping

    Avoiding the Crowds When Going Camping

    It’s camping season and friends of mine told me the other day they were thinking of heading out on a Friday night to camp at a popular state recreation area in order to “get away from it all” on a...

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  • Go Fish, Now

    Go Fish, Now

    We are well into May now.  It is time to fish!  I will tell you generally, May and June are two of the best months for open-water fishing in Nebraska.  I do not care what species you like to...

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  • Nebraska’s Quirky Birds

    Nebraska’s Quirky Birds

    Learn about four unique birds in Nebraska — the osprey, burrowing owl, loggerhead shrike and ruby-throated hummingbird. By Delanie Bruce, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies & Nebraska Game and Parks...

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  • Tagged Out

    Tagged Out

    I have a spring turkey hunting scrapbook.  That album of course has photos along with old permits on which notes about the hunts are scribbled.  Beards and spurs from birds taken are included. ...

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  • Aquatic Habitat 2024

    Aquatic Habitat 2024

    Recent projects to improve fisheries and access are coming into their own and producing keeper-sized fish. By Eric Fowler Three years after Glenn Cunningham Lake in Omaha was drained to kill...

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  • Big Game Guide 2024 web

    Big Game Guide 2024 web

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  • Paddlefish Stats

    Paddlefish Stats

    Want to call attention to a report that was recently posted on our Game & Parks webpage.  I know a lot of folks have questions about our paddlefish seasons, both archery and snagging.  There are...

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  • How to Land More Largemouth Bass

    How to Land More Largemouth Bass

    Tips on how to catch more largemouth bass with a frog By Ryan Sparks Casting a frog into a weed-choked farm pond and watching a largemouth bass explode from beneath is arguably the most fun you...

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  • Tips for Gettin’ that Gobbler Later in the Season

    Tips for Gettin’ that Gobbler Later in the Season

    We are in the latter part of the season for spring wild turkey hunting in Nebraska. Using a baseball analogy, it is the bottom of the 9th inning, your team is behind, the bases are loaded, there...

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  • Deer Damage Control Permits – Finding a Balance

    Deer Damage Control Permits – Finding a Balance

    Program helps corn grower manage deer population By Justin Haag It’s no secret to those living in the Cornhusker State: Nebraska is serious about its agriculture. Also evident: Nebraskans are...

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  • Under the Pink Moon

    Under the Pink Moon

    I have noted in my blog many times before that spending time in the outdoors with friends and especially family is very important.  Have spent a lot of time in the spring turkey field with both my...

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  • Stalking Nebraska’s Wild Asparagus

    Stalking Nebraska’s Wild Asparagus

    The apple blossoms have emerged. Why is that important, you say? Well, it is a reliable indicator that tells me I now will find one of my most valued vegetables in Nebraska’s rural landscape —...

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  • Mothering Strategies of Nebraska’s Wildlife

    Mothering Strategies of Nebraska’s Wildlife

    In the animal kingdom, maternal behaviors vary widely across different species. By Monica Macoubrie, Wildlife Education Specialist Mother’s Day is a celebration of the nurturing, unconditional...

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  • It’s Not Too Late!

    It’s Not Too Late!

    Still plenty of time! Nebraska anglers still have time to join Midwest Walleye Challenge Nebraska anglers still have plenty of time to enter the Midwest Walleye Challenge and be eligible for...

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