Who Knew?

December 18, 2015 daryl bauer

I made an amazing discovery the other day.  I discovered that they actually have coloring books for adults!  I thought I had outgrown coloring books years ago, but apparently not.  Maybe the rest of you knew about adult coloring books all along, but I just found it.  My daughter again rolled her eyes at me when I marveled at this discovery.  Honestly, I did not know.

Not that I am going to be coloring in a coloring book again.  No, in spite of what you might think, I was always OK with coloring between the lines; I just seldom had coloring books that interested me.  I do have an old one someplace from when I was a kid, it was a coloring/sticker book on fish.  There were color stickers of different fish to place on the various pages.  There were also pictures to color.  I can remember starting to color one of those pictures, one of a northern pike as I recall, but I gave up because the colors were not just right–they were not THE exact colors of any pike I had ever seen.  I was a somewhat “anal” pointy-headed student of fish even back then.  In the 5,441 crayon colors made by Crayola, have you ever seen a “northern pike green”?  “A brown trout brown”?  “A redhorse red”?  No, I think not.

If you are into the whole coloring book scene, let me offer a picture you can color.  Often when sitting in one of the boring meetings I have to attend, my mind wanders and I start doodling.  My doodles usually include fish and fishing.  Here is a walleye I sketched out, feel free to copy and color.  (Maybe send me a copy of your finished product?)

WalleyeColoringPicHere is what it is supposed to look like:


Backwards reindeer?

There is one other thing that has been puzzling me this season. . . . I keep seeing vehicles driving around town with what I guess are supposed to be antlers rolled up in their windows.  They are supposed to look like giant reindeer on wheels?  I get that, and I suppose it is a clever idea, but in most cases the antlers look like little tree branches stuck in car windows instead of a respectable reindeer rack.

The other thing that really confuses me is that the nose goes on front:


But the antlers are always pointing backwards?????


That reindeer does not know if it is coming our going.

Must be a “non-typical”.

Or I am being too much of a somewhat “anal” biologist?????


Wikipedia photo.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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