What to get your hardcore angler?

November 27, 2015 daryl bauer

I guess someone declared the day after Thanksgiving as THE biggest shopping day of the year.


Regardless, as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers have been picked over, thoughts turn to Christmas, and for some of us that means panic–what to get our loved ones?  It also leads to dread–“How many ugly ties will I get this year?”



Well, never fear, this year I have the perfect gift ideas for those hardcore anglers in your family!

Walleye Wallet

For the first gift idea, you must follow this link and watch the video:  CTV Winnipeg.

Is that genius or what?

“If you can eat it, why can’t you wear it?”–Clint Boyd, Big Eye Leather

Interested?  Here is their website:  Big Eye Leather.

Look around their website while you are shopping.  They even have a page on the importance of catch & release!


Well done!


Caddis Jewelry

This next unique gift item requires some explanation:  Caddis flies are insects whose larvae live in all kinds of fresh waters.  What is unique about the aquatic caddis fly larvae is that many species construct cases, “homes” out of available materials.  Some species can be identified by the type of case they make.  Materials used in the caddis fly cases include pebbles, sticks, pieces of grass, etc.  The caddis larvae are protected by living in their cases while poking their heads out to gather food.

Wikimedia Commons photo.

The fact that caddis larvae utilize available materials for constructing their cases means they can be “enlisted” to create some very unique, artistic creations.

Here are a couple of links to learn more about artist Hubert Duprat‘s work:

Artist Collaborates with Caddisfly Larvae

Hubert Dupra’s Incredible Caddis Fly Creations

Now I do not know if you can get an authentic “Duprat”.  You might have to find one of his art shows someplace.  But, I did find another source of caddisfly jewelry, Jewelry Made by the Caddisfly.

Happy shopping!

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