What to do with that drone you got for Christmas. . . .

January 8, 2016 daryl bauer

Do not know if any of you got any new toys for Christmas, maybe you got a drone, maybe you want to go ice-fishing with it!

Or maybe this is more your speed. . . .

I do not dare post that last video without all the disclaimers:  I do not drink nor do I condone drinking while on the ice.  I have seen some ice-anglers do some very stupid and very unsafe things while getting hammered on the ice, not to mention driving at the end of the day, but you gotta admit that last video is funny.  Maybe a pizza shop could make some money doing that?

Oh never mind, Beer Drone Can Buzz the Skies No More, FAA Says.

Well, at least you can ice fish this weekend, just make sure the ice is safe!

Photo by Mark Davis. Thanks, Mark!

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