Up to his old tricks

February 22, 2016 Joel Jorgensen

Last year at about this time, we were shocked and surprised when the resident male Peregrine Falcon from the Capitol was photographed in the nest box at the Woodmen Building in Omaha.  The bird was identified by his alphanumeric band “19/K”, which is also what he goes by since he was not named.   Well, I recently received a few emails from Mary Anne Reid who stated ol’ 19/K was spotted up there again.   This morning, she forward a photo from the Woodmen’s webcam that was captured by Terka.


Even though the photo is blurry, the bands colors fit 19/K.  Furthemore, if you closely inspect the left leg band, the black over green band has the number “19” over the letter “K”.   19/K was observed in the nestbox from 15-19 February.  Last year, he was observed in the nest box during late January and February and the photo, below, was captured on 29 January 2015.

19K 2015

Finally, here is a shot of 19/K over his eggs at the Capitol nest box.


As discussed on this blog last year, it is not clear what 19/K is doing up in Omaha.  I expect him to be back at the Capitol in a few weeks, like he was last year, as we move closer to the nesting season.

Good birding!

Nongame Bird Program

Thanks to Terka for capturing the screenshot and for Mary Anne Reid for sharing information about this sighting.   

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