The End is at Hand

January 26, 2016 Aaron Hershberger

Please consider me the proverbial town-herald, rather than an alarmist. But…The end is near! THE END IS NEAR!!Snowy Scene

January 31, draws nigh and with it comes the end of my beloved bird season.  And what a season it has been, too.  Last season (2014/15) I was pleasantly surprised with bird numbers.  This season (2015/16) I was shocked.  The birds bounced back.

Yes-yes, I heard all the good news prior to heading to field this past fall, but data is just numbers on paper until you see the birds behind it.  Seeing good news causes anticipation, seeing the birds makes you smile.  There were a lot of us birds hunters smiling this season.Gabe_Dez_Snow_Roosters

But let’s not dwell on this issue as if it has all come and gone. No, there is yet this weekend to give chase to the quail, grouse and roosters of the state.  Another opportunity to head to the field with friends and spend time following your canine buddies.  Take advantage of it and treasure it.  For it is all you will get until we hear more good news about the coming season.

The birds are out there…will you be?


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