Spending Holiday Cash

December 30, 2015 Aaron Hershberger

If you’re one of the lucky ones you are coming out of the holiday season with some cash cards, gift certificates and maybe even some ol’ fashion greenbacks.  Perhaps you already know exactly what you are going to spend this hard-won bounty on.  If so, stop reading right now – this article is not for you.  However, for the rest of us – surprise, surprise – I’ve got a few quick ideas.

There are two methods of correctly spending gift cash.  (Yes, yes there are several wrong ways, also.) The first is to spend it on things you really need.  Oftentimes these include smaller ticket items and you may be able to scratch out several of them with your newfound money.  The other method is to use gift cash for large items that your really (really!) want, but have always balked at the price tag.  Perhaps your gift cash doesn’t cover the entire price but reduces your out-of-pocket enough to put it in reach.  Here are just a few thoughts for both methods…

Headlamps.  Your mouth was not made for holding a flashlight.  Yet you can still maximize use of your hands while it’s dark outside.  I have found what has become my new favorite headlamp at the local box store.  250 lumens max with good low-beam, red-light and even a useful bluelight.  Pretty inexpensive, too.

Neoprene Boots.  In the 1990’s I made the switch to neoprene waders for duck hunting and I’ve never looked back.  Now I’m doing much the same thing for knee boots.  I love the fit, feel and versatility of these things.  Muck has been around awhile but several other makers have good offerings now, too.

Digital Caller.  Extend your hunting fun this winter with a digital caller.  Coyotes to raccoon to snow geese.  There are several good callers on the market with hundreds (if not thousands) of sounds that can be downloaded to them.  Minaska and Foxpro are the gold standards.  For the non-hunter you can even call in owls with these things.

Smoker. I don’t have any real experience with backyard smokers beyond eating some wonderful things cooked in them.  But I want one. So I am open to suggestions.  I have heard good things about Bradley’s and that you get what you pay for with smokers.

Guns.  Hard to go wrong with firearms…ever.  Currently, my interest is to add to my nearly non-existent, small predator arsenal.  Perhaps a tack-driver in .17 or .22 magnum caliber.  But I could be a sucker for a well balanced 20 gauge over-under, too.

Ice Auger.  Ok, I admit it…I like ice fishing.  But I don’t like drilling holes through the ice…especially with a dull auger.  If I had my preference, and weight wasn’t an issue, it would be a gas auger. However, if packing long distances a sharp, hand auger will suffice.  Always smart to have sharp, new blade for them, too.

Tacklebox.  A good angler never has enough of them.  But I may have found the best tacklebox yet.  Maybe something close to 18′.  But I may not have enough gift certificates…when do these things expire?

Now, what are some of your ideas?


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