Screaming Trout

January 22, 2016 daryl bauer

It is Friday!  I try to keep in “light” on my Friday blog, but like to get something posted before I am “out the door” for the weekend.  I have posted a number of funny fishing commercials, but I must not be watching the right shows anymore because it has been a long time since I saw a good one.  I used to look forward to the Rapala commercials every fishing show “season” as they had some great ones, but they just seem to be serious now.  I suppose some marketing firm told them that funny did not sell.  Whatever.

Anyway, this one is not a commercial for any fishing product, but it does have a fish in it!

If the fish are stealing your Doritos, screaming or whistling, it is probably time for you to take a break.

The guy in that video did know what he was doing though, he was using good bait, live maggots and liveworms, and he had a great hat!

Have a great weekend, GO FISH!


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