Safe Ice, Ice Safe

December 21, 2015 daryl bauer

Most years, I would have posted my obligatory reminder about ice safety by now.  With the mild weather we have had so far this late fall/early winter, I have not said anything yet, well, because we just ain’t got ice.  I will continue to drop farther into a foul mood each day I do not ice-fish at this point.


Even now, I am not sure about the ice conditions throughout the state.  I have heard a few whispers of some hardcores getting on the ice already, but I am telling you right now you better be darned CAREFUL!  Take a few minutes, watch some videos, it will help.

This first one I have posted before, but if nothing else, it is entertaining.  These guys are nuts, but they know what they are talking about:

This one is much more boring and again you may have already seen it, but there are some more specifics here:

And of course this last video has been posted and shared many times, but it is my anthem right now.  The classics never get old, “I wanna ice-fish, baby”:



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