Pat Berggren Appointed to Fill Seat on Commission

March 21, 2016 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – Gov. Pete Ricketts has appointed Pat Berggren of Broken Bow to fill the vacant position as District 6 commissioner for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The appointment was effective March 11, 2016.

Berggren will complete the remainder of the term of his father, Lynn Berggren, who passed away Feb. 16. The term expires Jan. 15, 2017. Berggren stated, “I want to thank Governor Rickets for this appointment, although bittersweet, I am excited about serving the outdoor enthusiasts of Nebraska and diving right in to continue promoting the good things that Nebraska has to offer.”

Pat Berggren has been active for many years in the One Box Pheasant Hunt, serving as its president through 2015. He is active in other endeavors, similar to his father, including fishing, hunting, boating, camping and promoting Nebraska’s outdoors.

District 6 encompasses much of the Sandhills and north-central Nebraska.

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