Nebraska Bull Elk Harvest Is Second-Highest Ever

October 29, 2015 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – Nebraska has recorded its second-highest bull elk harvest ever. This year, hunters took 102 bulls, compared to 105 in 2012.

The early elk season closed on Oct. 25. In addition to bulls, 31 cows and six calves were harvested. Cow season will reopen Dec. 1 – 31, when an additional 50 cows are expected to be taken.

This year’s elk harvest through Oct. 25, by unit permit, is as follows: Ash Creek, 10 bulls, two cows; Bordeaux, 19 bulls, seven cows, two calves; Box Elder, 11 bulls, six cows; Boyd, one bull; Hat Creek, 21 bulls, three cows, one calf; Niobrara, seven bulls, three cows; North Platte River, 28 bulls, 10 cows, three calves.

In addition, bulls were taken by three auction and two lottery permit holders.

The 2014 elk harvest included 95 bulls and 81 cows and calves.

This year is Nebraska’s 23rd modern elk season. Since the first season, when 15 elk were harvested in 1986, 907 bulls and 863 cows and calves have been taken.

“This is a modern wildlife success story that has given more than 3,000 Nebraskans the opportunity to hunt elk,” said Kit Hams, big game program manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

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