Machines on Ice

January 11, 2016 daryl bauer

I do not own a snowmobile or ATV, have ridden on a few on the ice, but not a lot.  I do know this, a person needs to be even more careful when running an ATV or snowmobile on a frozen lake.  Four inches of clear, new ice is enough to walk on, but if you want to run some kind of ATV or snowmobile, you better have a lot more than that, preferably at least twice that much.  Unfortunately, this winter I have heard at least a couple of stories about ATVs going through the ice in Nebraska and one of those ended very tragically.  As I will always tell you, you have to make sure the ice is safe every time you are on it and if you are riding some kind of machine onto it, you have to be even more sure.  Another thing to keep in mind if riding a snowmobile or ATV onto the ice, is that a person can speed themselves even farther into trouble before they know it.

If you run a snowmobile or ATV on the ice, here is a safety product you might want to get, Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device.

Here’s a video:

Remember ATVs or snowmobiles are allowed only on some public Nebraska waters.  You can see a list of those waters on page 27 of the 2016 Fishing Guide.

Safety first!


Or get yourself one of these and don’t worry about it:







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