Know Your Target and Bag Limit for Firearm Deer Season

November 6, 2015 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – As hunters prepare for the Nov. 14 opening of the firearm deer season, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has two reminders for them: know their permit bag limit and know that the animal they are preparing to take is legal to harvest.

Game and Parks says it is important that hunters know the restrictions that may come with a permit, especially since those restrictions may change from year to year. Every deer permit has species and location restrictions. Most permits have mule deer restrictions, many permits have antlerless whitetail restrictions, and some permits have public land restrictions.

Hunters should review regulations, shooting hours, season dates, unit boundaries and other regulations to ensure that the animal they harvest is legal.

“The hunting experience will be more enjoyable if each hunter takes the proper precautions to know the permit restrictions, as well as the animal they are about to shoot,” said Kit Hams, big game program manager for Game and Parks. “Know the identifying characteristics of the animal that is legal for you to take.
That moose, elk or antlerless mule deer you see will look a lot better running across the pasture than sitting in the truck of a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission conservation officer.”

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