Happy New Year

December 30, 2015 daryl bauer

It is the holidays and I mostly have been “out” of the office this past few days and for the next several.  Never fear, I will be in the outdoors hunting, fishing, trapping, doing something while I am gone, and you likely will read about it and see some photos here when I get back “in”.  So this is going to be a relatively short blog post.

End of one year, start of a new year is a time many folks like to reflect and look ahead.  Here are some of my favorite fish from 2015, some caught by me, many caught by my kids, all from Nebraska waters!







Photo by Brian Robinson.

And for me, “the cherry on top”, caught exactly two weeks before Christmas!


Here’s hoping all your crankbaits look like this in 2016!


Or, if you are a fly-angler, hope all your flies get chewed up!


Happy New Year!

A worthy New Year’s resolution!


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