Do Not Kiss the Turtles!

September 16, 2016 daryl bauer

Found these pictures on the ole inter-webby someplace.  Do not know why anyone would want to post these photos, but apparently they really, really liked Snapping Turtles.


I do not know how good of an idea that was.  Snapping Turtles can live in water that is not the cleanest and can carry things like Salmonella and other bacteria.

Turns out that Snapping Turtles really are not that into kissing.


Man, that had to hurt.

Was that a nose ring or a staple?

Turtle Kiss Result

At least she’s still smiling!

Not so much this time of year, but early in the summer it is not unusual to find Snapping Turtles a long ways from water, crawling across roads or just out in a meadow someplace.  At times they set out looking for new territory, but most of those turtles are looking for places to lay eggs.  They dig holes and lay their eggs on dry land, sometimes a considerable distance from water.  Although it seems odd to have a turtle crawling around far from water, probably the best thing you can do is let them go on their way.  Believe me, Snapping Turtles have no problem defending themselves.  If they are crawling across a road, for the safety of the turtle and drivers you may want to move them, but just know that those necks can stretch a lot farther than you think.  And make sure you know which end of the turtle is the front and which end is the back!  Avoid the front.

If you want to learn more about Snapping Turtles and other Nebraska Reptiles and Amphibians, here is one of my favorite references, Amphibians, Turtles and Reptiles of Nebraska.

Have a great weekend, and never try kiss a Snapping Turtle.

Sure, really cute when they are small. But, they grow up to be nose-eaters!


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