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August 19, 2014 Daryl Bauer


We plan to stock or have already stocked largemouth bass in 20+ waters this year. Our largemouth bass stocking consists mostly of stocking them into new waters or newly renovated waters. Once bass and other sunfish species are established, since they are nest-builders and nest-guarders, they are very capable of maintaining their populations according to what the habitat can support. Additional maintenance or supplemental stocking of black bass rarely results in any improvement in bass populations.

Our biggest limitation for bass fisheries in Nebraska is namely WATER. Some of our large reservoirs could support better bass fisheries if water levels did not drop every summer. Water levels do drop at Merritt every summer but that reservoir at least fills every fall and provides some fairly good bass habitat when it is full.

Even on reservoirs with fluctuating water levels, water and habitat conditions occasionally are favorable for largemouth bass and other species that thrive in shallow water cover. We have had very good high school bass championships on two or our large reservoirs the last couple of years, Harlan last year and Merritt this year.

Daryl B.

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