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October 10, 2014 Daryl Bauer


Northern pike are called “northern” for a reason–they very much are a cool-water fish. In southeast Nebraska most of our waters are too warm to support northern pike, but when we have a new reservoir like Wanahoo it does offer some pike habitat at least for a few years. For now, anglers have the rare opportunity to catch some pike in eastern Nebraska at Lake Wanahoo, but I fully expect that as that man-made reservoir ages, habitat conditions will change and there probably will be fewer pike.

I would not rule out pike reproduction in Wanahoo and we do see some natural reproduction of walleyes in a lot of the small- to medium-size reservoirs in eastern Nebraska. However, we do not expect natural reproduction of pike or walleyes in those habitats to sustain populations, so we will continue to stock those species.

We do have a contour map for Lake Wanahoo, .

Daryl B.

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