January 4, 2016 daryl bauer

First blog post after getting back in the office for the new year.  I want to make quick mention of a couple of things anglers need to know about, new for 2016. . . .

First of all, the annual fishing forecast is available on-line, 2016 Fishing Forecast.  Start studying it and planning your fishing trips accordingly RIGHT NOW!


Secondly, a new year means a new fishing guide as well, 2016 Fishing Guide.


Every angler should take at least a few minutes to look over the 2016 Fishing Guide, remind yourself of the rules and regulations, see if there are any changes that you should know.

Hard copies of both publications should be available at bait and tackle shops soon.  As we swing into sport show season, look for them there too.

We certainly have safe ice in some parts of Nebraska right now and fish are being pulled through holes in the ice.  However, other parts of the state, other waters are not quite there yet.  Wherever you go, every time you walk on the ice, make sure it is safe!  Safe Ice, Ice Safe.  But certainly, where we have safe ice now, GO FISH!



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