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OutdoorNebraska.org | 17 Unlawful Acts continued from page 12 • communicate the location of any game animal or game bird by radio or other electronic device to or from any aircraft, vessel, vehicle, snowmobile or other conveyance one day before or during the open season. • carry a firearm, archery equipment or other projectile device on a snowmobile, except when unloaded and in a case. • shoot from any public highway, road or bridge, including the traveled surface and the right-of- way, whether on foot or from a vehicle, • attempt to shoot any bird, fish or other animal from an aircraft. HUNTING SAFETY The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reminds hunters of the most important thing they should remember when hunting – safety. Two main causes of incidents in which a turkey hunter is injured are shooting at sound and movement and shooting down range of a turkey. To prevent accidental shootings, follow these general firearm hunting safety tips: • Treat each firearm as if it is loaded. • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. • Never point a firearm at anything you don't want to shoot. • Know your target and what lies beyond it. • Keep the barrel clear of obstructions. • Unload firearms when not in use. • Store firearms and ammunition in separate locked locations. • Never jump a creek or climb a fence, tree, or tree stand with a loaded firearm. • Never shoot at a flat, hard surface or water. • Never stalk a turkey; it could be another hunter. If you think another hunter is stalking you as a possible turkey, call out to alert him to your presence. Sportsmen are responsible for knowing the regulations, orders and statutes (state laws) before hunting or trapping in Nebraska. Failure to do so is not an excuse. This publication is only a guide to those regulations, orders and statutes. To read Nebraska Game and Parks Commission regulations and orders, as well as statutes, visit OutdoorNebraska.org and then click on Hunting. GAME VIOLATIONS Fines range from $25 to $15,000, depending on the severity of the violation and the species involved. The liquidated damages (assessed in addition to court costs) are set by the legislature as replacement costs for wildlife taken illegally. The damages apply to each animal taken illegally and apply to wanton waste. For a complete overview of the specific fines and penalties, visit OutdoorNebraska.org. Call Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers toll-free at 800-742-7627 to report a game violation. REGULATIONS, ORDERS AND STATUTES

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