Nebraska Pond Management - Second Edition

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� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � second edition • Nebraska Pond Management • 87 The delivery system is usually ½-inch factory weighted hose or polyethylene tubing. It should be buried below the frost-line to the water's edge and kept underground a short distance into the water. Non-factory weighted 1-inch hose/tubing can also be used as long as it is occasionally weighted by attaching one brick every 5 feet with plastic zip ties. Or, the delivery system can be buried in exposed pond/lake bottom prior to filling. The delivery system needs to be anchored to prevent it from floating and becoming snagged by anglers or frozen into the ice during the winter. The diffuser is used to break up delivered air into very small bubbles. The diffuser can be a ceramic airstone (preferred), porous hose or perforated PVC pipe. The delivery system should have an automatic check valve installed just before the diffuser. This will keep water from entering the delivery system and prevents freeze up during the winter if the aeration system gets turned off. The diffuser should be attached to an anchored platform that will hold the diffuser about 2 feet off the bottom. This prevents circulation of bottom sediment/nutrients throughout the water column. Larger bodies of water may require several compressors and diffusers. A general rule for air output is 1.3 cubic feet per minute per surface acre of water. For example, a ¾-horsepower, two piston compressor can supply sufficient air to operate either one 6-stone diffuser or two 4-stone diffusers. A 1½-horsepower, four piston compressor can have either two 6-stone or four 4-stone diffusers. 3' 3/4 VIEW OF CERAMIC AIRSTONE DIFFUSER cable ties non-metallic ball check airstones 1/2" polyethylene underlay Cored face brick attached with cable ties to delivery hose. 3/4" x 1/2" brass adapter (attach underlay to 1 1 / 2 to 2 foot tall anchored platform) NOTE: Platform should not be permanently affixed to pond bottom so that it can be retrieved for maintenance.

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