Trout Fishing in Nebraska Streams

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Niobrara Valley (continued) a wellfield for the town of Long Pine, Pine Glen WMA, Long Pine WMA and Long Pine SRA. The rest of the creek has private access and permission is required for entry. One of Nebraska's best trout streams, Long Pine Creek has about 20 miles of trout-supporting water. Both brown and rainbow trout naturally reproduce in the creek's abundant gravel beds. The creek's middle section from Seven Springs to Camp Witness, a church camp, provides the best habitat and the most fish; larger fish are more common downstream. Few trout are found below its confluence with Bone Creek. Plum Creek Plum Creek crosses U.S. Highway 20 west of Johnstown and flows northeast before entering the Niobrara River. Brown and rainbow trout. There is public access to the creek from the Bobcat and Plum Creek Valley WMAs. The remainder is private access. Landowner permission is required to enter private property. The creek offers fair fishing for browns in its middle and lower reaches (just north of U.S. Highway 20 to the creek's mouth). It drains a large Sandhills area and some irrigated cropland, which results in 83 Mi nn Valentine Fish Hatchery ech adu z Niobra ek a Cre Valentine Nio ve Ri ra bra r ra Riv er Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge 12 CHERRY Ni obr a ra Fairfield Creek ch la gel C r k ee River S Schlagel Creek WMA Bobcat WMA 20 Plum Big Alkali WMA Cr eek Wood Lake 83 Johnstown 20 Valentine National Wildlife Refuge Plum Creek Valley WMA BROWN 1" = approximately 5.6 miles 14 NEBRASKAland Magazine ‚óŹ Trout Fishing in Nebraska's Streams Ainsworth 7

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