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IT IS UNLAWFUL TO ... • borrow or use the permit of another or lend your permit to another • leave dead fish or any part of one on the banks or in the water of any stream, lake or other body of water • fish on any private land without landowner permission • release into public waters of the state any fish that did not originate from that body of water, including the dumping of bait buckets. • seine sport fish of any size • leave fish in a trap for more than 24 hours • attempt to snag fish, except in designated seasons • use limb lines or set lines in any pond, lake or reservoir • catch fish by hand • buy or attempt to buy a permit while under license suspension or revocation in any state • keep an externally foul-hooked fish, except those legally snagged • leave a water body with lake or river water present in a boat or container • transport any fish or baitfish in water from any stream, river, pond or lake LENGTH LIMITS AND CLEANING OF FISH Where length and bag limits apply, fish may not be filleted until fishing is completed for the day and anglers are off the water. Fish subject to bag and possession limits but not length limits, may be processed before transport if the fillets are kept in one piece until cooked, so the bag and possession limits can be determined. Fish species subject to a length limit may not be possessed with more than the gills, viscera and scales removed while on the water, wading or engaged in fishing. Any fish in possession while on the water will be subject to length and bag limits that apply to that water body. Once off the water, the fish may be filleted for transportation and storage. Archery and Spearfishing ARCHERY AND SURFACE SPEARFISHING • Game fish may be taken by archery statewide July 1 through Dec. 31 from sunrise to sunset. • Game fish must meet the length limit requirements for the water body from which they were harvested, as well as daily bag limits and possession limits. • Game fish may not be taken with surface spears. • Nongame fish may be taken by archery or surface spear statewide 24 hours a day year-round. • Note the closed area below Gavins Point Dam during the archery paddlefish season. • Use of crossbows is illegal in the area from the Gavins Point Dam downstream to the U.S. Hwy. 81 bridge. They are allowed only downstream of the bridge. • Artificial lights are allowed. • Only hand-drawn longbows (including compound bows) and crossbows (designed to be shoulder fired) are legal. • Arrows may have only one point, which must be barbed, and must be attached by a line to the bow at the time the arrow is released. • For surface spearing, only hand spears are legal. • The following waters are closed year-round: Platte River State Park, Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, and other park areas as posted. 16 | Fishing Info: 402-471-0641

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