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Do Something Wild! Donate to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund Help protect our natural legacy by making a tax-deductible donation to the fund. The fund supports the conservation of Nebraska's diverse wildlife (including endangered and threatened species). For a donation of $25, you will receive a "Do Something Wild!" T-Shirt. Short-sleeved T-Shirt - Adult S, M, L, XL To donate, go online at www.NebraskaWildlifeFund.com Count on me to help support the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund Name Phone Address City State ZIP R $250 R $100 R $50 R $25 R Other MC VISA Card Number 3 digit Exp. Date Signature Check Money Order (No Cash Please) T-Shirt — S, M, L, XL Mail to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund PO Box 30370, 2200 N 33rd, Lincoln NE 68503-0370 All gifts are tax-deductible. Please make checks payable to Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund To donate visit www.NebraskaWildlifeFund.com predator and prey and help maintain balances in ecosystems. These turtles are omnivorous meaning they eat plant material and animals, such as insects, worms, cacti and succulents, even small mice with their favorite food being- dung beetles! They also burrow, tilling the land and providing quality soil and nutrients to many different types of plant species; this helps benefit other wildlife as well. Box turtles also have their challenges, like many other species. We all know that turtles are rather slow in their movements and many turtles have perished on roads trying to cross in search of a mate, food, or new home. Unfortunately poaching is another threat. Box turtles are the most trafficked animals in the world. They are often grabbed out of the wild, even in Nebraska, and sold overseas as exotic pets. However, with the Ornate Box Turtle as our new state symbol and now featured on license plates, this hopefully will bring appreciation and awareness to this extraordinary reptile. To show your support for wildlife like the Ornate Box Turtle and to help fund conservation efforts, consider purchasing a Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund license plate from your nearby state DMV or order online at dmv.nebraska.gov/ services. 2022-131436-TR-1/05/2023 tible tion and Front left-pocket-print of shirt Back of shirt shown Continued from page 7

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