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12 | Boating Safety Info: 402-471-5462 NAVIGATION RULES Vessel traffic shall be governed by the following rules: • When passing from rear — pass to other vessel's port. • When passing head on — pass port to port. • When passing at right angles — vessel at right has right of way. • Manually propelled vessels have the right of way over all other vessels. • Sailboats have the right of way over all motor -driven vessels. • Motorboats, when meeting or overtaking sailboats, shall always pass on the leeward side. • Any vessel backing from a landing has the right of way over incoming vessels. UNLAWFUL PRACTICES It is unlawful to: • operate or give permission for the operation of a vessel that is not equipped as required. • exceed the speeds posted or charted in any specific zone or area. Speed always must be reasonable and proper in consideration of the conditions prevailing at that time and place. • travel at speeds exceeding 5 mph/no excessive wake limit in or within 30 yards of any vessel, harbor, marina, landing pier, fishing pier, anchorage, or bathing beach. • operate a personal watercraft between sunset and sunrise. • operate any vessel within any area marked off or set aside as prohibited. • swim or bathe in any marinas or within 20 yards of launching, mooring or docking areas. • tie off any vessel or attach one to any buoy, marker or navigational aid on any waters in this state. • place or leave, in any public waters, any vessel not safe for operation. • operate a personal watercraft without wearing a lanyard -type engine cutoff switch. • operate or be a passenger on a personal watercraft without wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket, regardless of age. • jump a wake with a motorized vessel within 50 yards of another craft. • jump the wake of any boat that is towing a skier, tuber, wakeboarder, etc. • be the operator of any boat, including personal watercraft, while under 16 years of age and towing a skier, tuber, wakeboarder, etc.

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